Book Lab 1984

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Book Lab 1984

Course starts February 2022


  • 6 week reading and conversation course 
  • live group sessions on Zoom with Kerin

PRICE: €126

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LEVEL: strong intermediate, upper intermediate (B1+, B2)

CLASS SIZE: Max. 6 students

What you will achieve

Read a simplified version (a graded reader) which is easy to understand and interesting to talk about. This book is level 7

  • read sections of the book together and practise pronunciation; 
  • discuss the book; increase confidence and speaking ability 
  • review vocabulary and clarify any questions
  • reduce mistakes when you speak
  • improve grammar structures
  • connect with others
  • improve your English through summarising and paraphrasing
  • gain a deeper understanding of cultural issues

About the Book! 

In this English course we will read this graded reader together from Penguin, 1984.

Winston Smith re-writes history for the Ministry of Truth in Oceania. Big Brother and the Thought Police watch everyone for signs of Thought Crime. But when Winston falls in love with Julia, he begins to have new ideas and hopes. Winston and Julia start to question the world that they live in – but Big Brother does not like independent thought.